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Welcome to Epsom

Car Boot Sale

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Thank you sincerely to all who participated in our boot ​sales throughout 2023. Your support has been ​invaluable to us.

Regrettably, we must inform you that it's improbable ​we'll be able to continue the car boot sale into 2024. ​We had hoped to offer more consistent dates for your ​convenience. However, we encountered obstacles in ​reaching an agreement with Epsom Racecourse, ​primarily due to prior bookings for other events.

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Buyers & Sellers please bring the correct change. This boot sale is cash only.

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LWB Vans & Lutons


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Early Bird Buyers

8am - 8:30am


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General Buyers

8:30am onwards


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Kids Under 15


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When will the next car boot sale be?

A. That’s it for this season. We will be back next year in April. Keep an eye on our website and Facebook page for new dates.

Q. Is there a parking for buyers?

A. Yes there is free parking for buyers on the grassed area next to the Racecourse. This will be signposted and there will be car parking staff available to direct you. What 3 Words: ///fats.desire.starts

Q. Where is the sellers entrance?

A. The sellers entrance is via the Main Gate at the Racecourse, on the roundabout. This will be signposted and there will be car parking staff on the gate to direct you. What 3 Words: ///ripe.takes.backup

Q. Can sellers pre-book?

A. There is currently no option to pre-book so you will need to turn up on the day from 07:00.

Q. How big are the seller pitches?

A. The space is the length of your car plus around 1m either side. You will be setting up your stall at the side of your car.

Q. Is the car boot sale inside or outside?

A. Outside only.

Q. Do you take cash or card?

A. We are only taking cash for both buyers and sellers. Please bring the correct change with you.

Site Rules and Guidelines

  • All items for sale must be legal and appropriate for all ages

  • Sellers are responsible for setting up and packing away their own stalls

  • Vehicles must be parked in designated areas and not obstruct emergency exits staff will direct you on the day.

  • No counterfeit or pirated items may be sold

  • No dangerous or hazardous items may be sold, such as weapons or explosives

  • Sellers must keep their stalls clean and tidy, and remove any rubbish or unsold items at the end of the sale We have CCTV across the site and will pass the information on to the police for fly-tipping.

  • Sellers must comply with any local laws or regulations related to car boot sales

  • Buyers are responsible for inspecting items before purchase and checking that they are in good condition

  • Negotiations on prices should be done respectfully and without pressure
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Facilities Available

Public toilet

Enjoy your shopping to the fullest, without worrying about the call of nature - our proper toilets have got your back(side)!


Disabled parking

Disabled Access

Catering to all our shoppers, we have top-notch disabled facilities that are accessible and accommodating for everyone!

Tourist taking burgers from food van

Fuel your bargain hunting with delicious treats from our on-site catering options at the car boot sale - because shopping is always better on a full stomach!


Cars Parked

Step up your shopping game with our hard-standing market area! but note our grassy car park may not be as forgiving to your footwear.

Hard Standing

Epsom Car Boot Sale

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Venue Address

Epsom Downs Racecourse

Epsom Downs


KT18 5LQ

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Epsom Car Boot Sale

Event Times

Sellers: 07:00-08:00

Early Bird Buyers: 08:00-08:30

General Buyers: 08:30 onwards

Organised by:

Home Time Events Ltd